Overview of the research area

Large number of organizations rely on the local education system to provide practice-oriented professionals. In this regard, the education system goals and training should be positioned to produce professionals who are competent in ICT related fields. In addition to that workplaces are informal learning environments, it is important that strategies to support workplace learning are vital for improving business processes and usage of informatics related applications in organizational settings.

While the current literature offers discussions related to the need for informatics education to support implementation of IT/ICT projects (e.g. Seebergts et al, 2010; Bhebe and de la Harpe, 2014; etc.), little is known on its design and implementation in practice. Because of the historical reasons, local education systems often focus on traditional subjects, while only set up a small proportion in emerging disciplines establishment and training. However, with the emerging Southern driven cooperation on ICT4D projects, the local education system need to promptly seize the opportunities to accelerate provision of required skills to support these projects. Education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability.