Vice Chancellor’s Welcome Statement

Welcome to SUZA’19 – an IFIP TC3 conference that aims to address sustainability issues on ICT, Education, and Learning to be held in Zanzibar in April 2019.   A short form of the conference is  SUZA’19,– “SUstainability issues in ZAnzibar”  in 2019.

I would also like to welcome you to Zanzibar – an exotic archipelago with rich history and heritage.  As a semi-autonomous island state, Zanzibar aims at developing service economy strongly grounded through knowledge-base of its population. Indeed,  in 21st century, sustainable ICTs, Education, and Learning are extremely vital ingredients to building knowledge-based economy.   Hence, the objectives of SUZA’19 are in perfect alignment with the interventions needed to achieve the Zanzibar National Development Agenda of development through sustainable service economy.

Welcome to SUZA – “The State University of Zanzibar”!   Being the only public university in Zanzibar, SUZA was established to sustain the country with skilled human capital that is critical for successful implementation of the national development strategy. As such, SUZA is a comprehensive university offering programs in a diverse range of disciplines covering ICT, Finance and Accounting, Tourism, Education, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages – Swahili and other foreign languages, Medicine and Health, and Agriculture.  Plans are underway to offer more relevant programs including Fisheries, Maritime,  Oil and Gas in the near future.

I am  certain that hosting SUZA’19 will add to realizing SUZA’s role of producing human capital that is required for sustainable development of our country.  Thus, the coincidence of the conference acronym – SUZA’19 – to the acronym of  our university has significant underlying relevance.

I  would like to strongly to advise everyone to participate to SUZA’19 for what promises to be a memorable event! While in Zanzibar, I advise you to spare some time to visit one of SUZA’s eight campuses spread around the islands.  You should also take this rare opportunity to explore and enjoy the rich touristic sites, heritage and history that Zanzibar islands are fully endowed with. I believe you will take back with you happy memories of Zanzibar, and the IFIP T3 conference on Sustainability issues on ICT, Education, and Learning.

I wish you a fruitful discussion and a nice stay in Zanzibar. Welcome!

Vice Chancellor Idris Rai
State University of Zanzibar